Grub's Celebrity-Worthy Hangover Cures

We like brunch because, while breakfast is certainly the most important meal of the day, our hangovers don't usually wear off until lunch. Enter Hollywood's trendy Grub, the brainchild of cute as a pair of buttons Grub Gals Betty Fraser and Denise DeCarlo (the website promises that food will be served with a "heaping dollop of happiness").

Being in Hollywood hasn't exactly dimmed their star power. We're told that if the bar ever turned on the Food Network before last call, we could see Fraser and DeCarlo on everything from Top Chef to Rachel Ray to that NBC show about the food. Combining a see-and-be-seen reputation with a Hollywood hideaway ethos, Grub offers an astonishing array of exactly the breakfasty type things that best soak up last night's alcoholic bender. Or, if necessary, the bender from the night before last night. The ability to get a reasonably sized brunch in Hollywood for about $15 doesn't hurt either.

-- Omri Ceren