Recently went to Betty Fraser's Grub which was voted #1 for breakfast on Citysearch. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day so we had to check it out.

Why it's a best pick:

If you’re a fan of Top Chef, then Betty Fraser’s Grub will not disappoint. Hidden off of Santa Monica Blvd, Grub has a great little outside patio underneath twinkle lights, which is separated by tall hedges so you are blocked off from any street traffic and noise. Grub is a great place to get some hearty and fresh American comfort food – and the menu does not disappoint. One of the servers described the menu as a “dart board” saying that you can choose anything and you will be surely satisfied. After eating at Grub many times, I must say this is a true statement. Get here early for weekend brunch since it tends to get packed and try their “friggin’ amazin’ French toast” (choice of croissant or raisin bread coated with a cinnamon vanilla batter), or the “carnivore craving?” (thick cut bacon or sausages).

One of my favorite menu items is the chicken-alicious sandwich – but be warned, this is HUGE! You can barely wrap your mouth around it as you bite into boneless chicken, brie, basil, tomatoes, sprouts, cucumbers and pickled onions on a cheddar Kaiser bun. Although this sandwich is huge – since it uses fresh ingredients, you don’t feel weighed down but completely satisfied.

One of my favorite weekday lunch items is the blackjack quesadilla - and I must tell you, it is worth going to Grub on a weekday for. Brie, caramelized onions, granny smith apples all oozed together in a tortilla – you may not think it sounds like anything now, but once you have a bite, you will be amazed. I cannot get enough of this quesadilla and it’s a great appetizer size to share with a friend or two.

In all, Grub is quiet and the menu is refreshing and the servers are honest and nice. You feel like you’re in your own little getaway since it’s so private so if you have a chance to stop by – definitely do.