We are open:

11am to 3pm

Saturday & Sunday brunch,
9am to 3pm

T: (323) 461-FOOD
F: (323) 461-3674

911 Seward Street
Hollywood CA, 90038

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grub awards & reviews!


What folks are saying about us!

Michelle T.

Bacon Perfection!!! A perfect lunch under the sun surrounded by morning glories, BFFs and crackbacon, the only thing missing was Baconballs.

Carol L.

We came at 7:30 pm on a Saturday night and it was so easy getting seated and served. Big props to the staff for being attentive and friendly. Everyone loved their food!

Alexis H.

Love, love, love this place. I liked Betty on Top Chef and always wanted to try her restaurant, and it didn’t disappoint. I was impressed as I walked into a secret garden/tea party/shabby chic wonderland. Sooo cute. My friend and I went for lunch and started off with a carafe of sangria. YUMM! It was so purple and fruity and delightful.

Bruce O.

Talk about hidden gems. This place is small and quaint but delivers on taste. Especially the white truffle burger. The warm goat cheese salad and the crab artichoke dip were also very satisfying. The steak sandwich was very hearty yet also tasty. The place is small but when I went the service was attentive and efficient. Definitely worth a try if your looking to for a different spot to eat.

Erin B.

The atmosphere was great. The food was great. But the reason why Grub locked down a five star review is because the service was superb! Even the owner was walking around and greeted us with a nice smile and conversation. The rest of the staff was just as great and attentive. If you’re looking for a good breakfast in Hollywood, this hidden gem is the place.

Anna M.

Grub did it again. Lured me in with its promise of California Comfort Food and multiple foodgasms. Damnit Grub! I was planning on being in my bikini all weekend!

shortyjessie t.

yup. that’s a 5 star right there. I’ve NEVER had a bad experience at the place.

Brian K.

I LOVE THIS JOINT. Seriously. I’m vegetarian and they have quite a few options, but I really wouldn’t know it because the Mama Mia Burger kicks so much a** that I really haven’t tried much else. Every time I go there, the owner comes by and gives me that “I know how much a** that kicks” smile on her face. And the Big-A** Ice Cream Sandwich is off the hook. It takes ice cream sandwiches to a whole new level, as if there were one.

Fabian A.

Wonderful location out of the way and not on any crazy, busy street. It had a wonderfully warm and welcoming feel to it. The staff were super friendly without being sycophantic. The menu was great. And…the food…did I mention the food. It was delicious, hot, presented nicely, not overbearing and (my personal favorite) not overpriced. The owner took our tab and she was wonderfully funny, sassy, and up front. (Coffee – delish!)

Nancy M.

After all the reviews from the fellow yelpers, I had to check this place out. It’s as good as everyone says it is, if not more. 🙂

They’re talking about our catering services too!


Heather R.

When I was asked to plan the Holiday Party for my networking group, I was referred to Betty Fraser of Grub and Bravo’s Top Chef. She and her partner, Denise Decarlo, in addition to Grub, own this wonderful catering company. The menu Betty created from there was creative and unspeakably delicious. We had: Seared ahi on wonton crisps, baby white truffle burgers, white gazpacho with macadamia nuts, quesadillas diablos, lemon rosemary chicken drumettes, roasted vegetable pizza, open faced charcuterie sandwiches on French baguette with prosciutto, oven roasted grape tomatoes, sage aioli and caramelized onions, and for dessert, profiteroles.

Everything was phenomenal, but the favorite of the bunch was the baby white truffle burgers. Even a fitness coach at the party commented that he couldn’t stop eating them! There was also so much food, everyone gorged themselves, and there were still leftovers!

The best part is, I ended up looking good because the food was so good! Now that’s worth every penny! 😉

Michelle L.

My husband and I hired Betty and Denise to cater our wedding. I cannot begin to explain how fabulous they are!

During the wedding planning stages, we decided that we really wanted to focus on the food. I am Chinese and my husband is from the dirty South, so we thought it would be fun to incorporate both cultures into our wedding. I called a couple of recommended caterers who advertised “custom menus for your special event.” When I told them about our backgrounds their responses were “Of course we can customize your menu! If you want to incorporate Chinese and Southern cooking, you could pick an egg roll as an appetizer and BBQ ribs for the entree.” This was not my idea of 1 – a fusion of Asian and Southern cuisine or 2 – an elegant meal to be served at a wedding.

I left a message for As You Like It Catering. I received a phone call from Betty later that afternoon. I told her what we were looking for and our budget. She was very excited with our ideas, and she promised us a sample menu later in the week. Betty and Denise came up with the most impressive menu items we could imagine. People still rave about the food to this day!

We could have easily had the traditional boring wedding fare of dry chicken and rubbery filet mignon. But we ended up with a 5 course meal paired with wine that impressed everyone.

I can’t rave enough about how great these women are! The customer service was outstanding. The food was excellent.

Emily C.

I had to write a review after continuing to receive calls & emails from friends & family about the food at my wedding!

A year ago Betty & Denise from As You LIke It catered a party where my now husband & I got engaged. The engagement was a surprise during a party at my husband’s post production house & I thought that people might ask to see my ring, but instead everyone wanted to make sure that their favorite foods from that party would be featured at our wedding!! I didn’t blame them one bit, since that was also one of my first thoughts!

We ended up keeping the original menu (plus we were able to request the staff from our first successful party!), but also had fun & playful additions. We had a popcorn station where people could help themselves to different flavored popcorns as well as a mini cheeseburger station (beef & veggie) with unique toppings for our guests. I could go on & on & on…

In the planning stage, my husband & I flip-flopped an annoying amount about whether to have a sit down dinner or tray passed food all night. Betty worked with us through several changes, taking our ideas & then making them So much better! She worked out the perfect timing for the evening & put me completely at ease! They gave us the memorable wedding that everyone dreams of & they did it with great big smiles on their faces! I couldn’t hug them enough!

Singer/songwriter Kim Tillman loves our “Crack Bacon” so much she wrote us a snazzy little jingle for it!